Strange Family Vineyards
A monogram logo for Strange Family Vineyards of Santa Ynez, California.
The venture is a new project begun by the 7 member family of B. Strange - reflected appropriately in their custom monogram design: BS7
This was my initial mockup for the design. We decided the "S" was a little too busy, and the mirrored "7" was a bit confusing. The client also wanted to do away with the roundel and have "Strange Family Vineyards" surrounding the monogram.
One of several initial mockups with the approved redesign in the bottom left corner. The "S" and "7" were simplified for ease of reading. Also changed where the center of the "B" intersects the "S".
The following are few of the font examples I provided for the client to select from. We kept it simple with a bold Copperplate font.
Thanks for looking! You can find more of my work at or follow "threemantiger" on Instagram.

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