Hand drawn and lettered monogrammed crest logo for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab in pen & ink. The center crest contains opposing images of the sun and moon, representing the forces of light and dark, male and female. The BPAL typography is interspersed with symbols of the essential alchemical elements of (l-r) Sulphur, Salt, and Mercury. The symbol at the bottom center is the Monas Heiroglyphica, a master symbol integrating the elements of moon, sun, earth (or elements), and fire - which are reflected again in the four side banners of Luna, Sol, Elementa, and Ignus. The crest is backed and surrounded by florid Victorian ornament, and topped by the Eye of Providence, a symbol of divine watcfulness and care of the universe.
Thanks for looking! I'm available for pen & ink commissions, just email threemantiger@gmail.com

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